Spoke and Vine Motel


How I transformed a run-down motor lodge into a hip motel that delights guests.

In 2017, I had this big idea.

I wanted to buy an old motor lodge in Palisade, CO, and turn it into a happening spot that travelers would adore (and spread the word about).


How am I going to get funding?

I had some money, but I needed more.

I thought I needed a partner, and I doubted the bank would fund me.

But I knew that my idea had legs.


Transform the motel within 6 months on a tight budget.

We needed to close, renovate, and open the motel with very little wiggle room.

I'd done condo remodels and worked in property development, so I had experience here. However, we experienced some unanticipated surprises along the way. (Welcome to real estate development, right?!)



How to build a seamless experience for our guests from start to finish.

I wanted guests to feel like we were anticipating their needs from their very first interaction with us through to the moment they checked out. Every detail was created for them.

(And yes, still on a budget that squeezed like Spanx.)


I absolutely LOVED this cozy home away from home. The owners are so intentional about their customer service and your comfort here... Cannot wait to come back and tell all of my friends about it too! —Kayla


While it looks like, and functions like, a roadside motel, this place feels like a bed and breakfast. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at The Spoke and Vine and will definitely stay here again! —Travis


How I got funding.

Fortunately, I had established myself as a credible, responsible business owner with my first venture, Simply Steamboat, so my bank was willing to back me. “We’re betting on the jockey, not the horse.”

How you conduct business matters, ALWAYS.

How my husband, Jeff, and I opened within 6 months—with a totally new look and feel.

Construction, interior design, even the painting—Jeff and I (and a small team) did most of it.

You don’t get into real estate renovations if you’re not also willing to get your hands dirty. At least, not in my experience.

With a tight timeline, we decided to hire out the marketing and technology, but we remained involved in every aspect of the business. When prioritizing, I focused on the tasks that played to my strengths and delegated the rest.

How we delighted our guests at every turn.

We meticulously designed every touchpoint—brand, design, operations, the building—everything carried the Spoke and Vine vibe.

We invested in marketing.

We created an experience.

And people noticed.

“We knew you were cool before we even got here,” they tell us. And they remain delighted throughout their entire stay.


This is the best place to stay for any kind of escape. Jody and Jeff are brilliant and have an infectious energy that makes you want to stick around and chat. They also know everything there is to know about how to get out and make the most of your time while in this area. —Sabrina


We ended up here after pulling off 70 during a big snowstorm. My partner and I were both amazed by the service... We will be back next time we are in Palisade! —James


The Results

  • We opened in 2019 and operated with “training wheels” our first year. 

  • Then, the pandemic hit. Once people started feeling stir-crazy again, business picked up like never before.

  • We continue to welcome guests and create so much more than a place to sleep for them. As a result, they rave about us. 

  • We’ve also become well-known by travels writers, and have been covered by numerous publications since opening. 

  • We partner with local businesses, who are regularly featured at Spoke and Vine (and who also send people our way). 

  • We hold fundraisers for local organizations we care about. 

  • We are creating a vibrancy in Palisade. 


The bed is billed as ‘luxury’ and I have to agree. We slept like babies both nights there. . . . 5/5 would stay again in a heartbeat. —Norm


I honestly have never had this good of hospitality anywhere. We will definitely stay here anytime we visit Palisade. —Lauren


Jody and Jeff clearly care a lot about creating a great experience for visitors. —Becky


Good hospitality is what sets you apart these days, and Spoke and Vine has plenty of it. —Alex


This place is amazing. Super clean, wonderful people running it. So much attention to detail. Our room was perfect. I will definitely stay here every time I come back to Palisade. —Justice


We were delighted to find this spot on our road trip! Spoke and Vine has the happiest vibe and best service. Jeff and Jody have made this place into something super special.” —Ted


Don’t miss this one. What we had heard was totally true. —Jon


This motel is one of those places you can’t believe you found! —Deborah


We happened upon this ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE motel on our way to our would-be honeymoon that was cancelled due to COVID-19. We were ASTOUNDED at the level of customer service and care that these two put into their motel. —Jaymi


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